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Converting cargo containers into eateries in Lake Nona, Florida.

Florida’s Lake Nona is the home to the newly created Boxi Park, an eclectic 30,000 square foot container park and gathering spot featuring music, community, dog parks, and food. We came up with the naming and brand identity of the curated food and beverage options in this open-air destination. 

"As an incubator, the idea is that we're able to test concepts and see what works – not just for us in the community, but for the purveyor themselves."

– Jessi Blakley, Senior Director for Strategic Communications 

   Tavistock Development

Boxi Park

Located at Lake Nona Town Center, about 30 minutes southeast of downtown Orlando, Boxi Park is a family-friendly outdoor venue.


Operator Logos


At Claw & Order, you approach the stand and order lobster, crab, and shrimp dishes enhanced with umami. 

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