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Illustration by J.D.

Digital Portrait Illustration (based on availability)
Starting at $59.99 per hour 

What you will get:
• High resolution digital illustration file that you can use however you want

• Free 15-minute consultation

• Estimate and timeline before the work begins that you approve
• Choice between abstract color palette or realistic color palette

What I will need:
• Crisp digital image of the subject facing camera so that I can translate facial features into illustration
• 50% of estimate payment before work begins; rest of 50% upon final delivery

• A minimum of 2 weeks (I do this in my spare time, outside business hours)


2.25 hours to fully illustrate and finalize

Who: Joonas Suotamo / Chewbacca in "Star Wars." 

Contains: Subtle shadowing, realistic color palette, mugshot style, gradients, essential details


Time: hours to research, fully illustrate, and finalize

Who: Ethel Mertz from "I Love Lucy" 

Contains: Subtle shadowing, modified realistic color palette, mugshot style, gradients, essential details, text design, background graphics


hours to research, fully illustrate, and finalize

Who: Singer Rick Astley

Contains: Subtle shadowing, abstract color palette, medium shot style, prop illustration (rollerskates), gradients, essential details, text design

Let's get started

Alrighty then. It's on me now to respond. Thank you!

J.D. Humphreys


Tel 804-381-8417

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