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Show your business and services are open to the LGBTQ+ Community.

On June 30, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of the so-called Christian web designer who wants to refuse services to gay couples. In this moment on the very last day of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the conservative majority boldly declared that discrimination has a place within the creative community and beyond. 

Now more than ever we must demonstrate that our businesses and services embrace and welcome LGBTQ+ clients, families, and customers. LGBTQ+ discrimination has no place in the vibrant and creative community that we passionately belong to. It is within our power to stand up against discrimination, to create an environment where love, acceptance, and respect flourish. Our commitment to inclusivity will shine brightly, attracting a diverse array of clientele who yearn to be seen, heard, and valued for who they passionately are and who they love. 

Download an OPEN badge below and display proudly on your website or social channels. If you need a different format or size, please contact me directly at

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