• J.D. Humphreys

Let's talk Leo.

In my 38.75 years of life, I have often wondered, "How do they know I'm a Leo?" Being born on August 11, makes me quite the Leo. Sure, astrology is kind of relevant today as some people read horoscopes and wonder when Mercury is going into retrograde. In the 1960s, astrology was taken seriously because it was trendy. Being born in 1980, I missed that whole era of astrology, Hippies, "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" whole bit. But it's uncanny that I fit the stereotypical Leo when I read multiple descriptions. When I interviewed Barbara Harris of the Toys, she had mentioned she was a Leo and that "you understand" when I remarked that I was a Leo too. I'm very skeptical when it comes to voodoo, magic, supernatural, but when it comes to matching me to an astrological sign, Leo is the one. Creative, emotional but don't want you to know, loyal, when they're hurt you know it. They will cause a scene. This is totally me. When I see Leos being represented as steadfast beings in pop culture, I'm like 'fuck yeah, that's me.' We can be cowardly at times. But a little pep talk from Diana Ross ("C'mon be a lion") and we're back on our feet... err, paws. Ready to tackle life. Life, bring it on. Leos are here to rule. Or to at least stay. We're cuddly, loyal, but we'll make sure you know how we feel even if we don't intend to. Rrrrrowwwwl!

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