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"Protect Ur Rep" XBOX challenge to competitive gamers. 

Qwest wanted to increase consideration for their broadband Internet service among gamers. We knew simply posting banners ads in popular games and hoping gamers would see them wouldn't cut it. The Protect Ur Rep contest offered Xbox LIVE gamers the chance to have their avatar cover Qwest's in-game ads. The contest was a first for Qwest and Xbox LIVE. By appealling to gamers' competitive nature and hunger for recognition, it got them to engage with the brand and actually seek out advertising. 

"This is the first time that players have become part of the ads in the Xbox Live/Massive environment."

– The Tomorrow Awards

Campaign Overview

Art Director: J.D. Humphreys

Copywriter: Reid Hultman
Creative Director: Glen Fellman

ECD: Jonathan Cude

Interactive Production: Forrest Maready, Nicole Kuhnlein, Beth McKnight

Agency: McKinney, Durham

Client: Qwest/CenturyLink





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