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Unapologetically uncommon Saab.

There's no denying the excitement and energy of pitching for an automobile maker – especially when it's Saab. At the time, Saab was entering an era of uncertainty that would eventually result in bankruptcy. People who own Saabs are passionate and are unapologetically different. Saab is the uncommon car for uncommon people. Sure, we've seen campaigns that position cars as unique. However, those cars probably don't have refrigerated glove boxes or moose-tested bumpers. For decades, Saab enjoyed the cred of being the unconventional luxury car. Now that Saab was independent again, they could fill that void for uncommon shoppers. 



Buy a new Saab and you'll receive a small share of stock in Saab – making every new owner literally an owner of Saab. You also get a lasting connection with other Saab owners via an NFC-enabled emblem.

This brand book would be distributed to dealerships and Saab enthusiasts. Not only would the book detail the history and innovations of Saab, but that Saab is for the Uncommon Driver. The book also contains interviews and insights from factory workers in Trollhättan, Sweden. The book flips from English to Swedish. 

The Book
of Uncommon

Uncommon Launch Event

Harness the passion of Saab owners by organizing a global one-day rally via social media to launch the Uncommon Drive campaign. Structured gatherings will be held in key markets where Saab representatives will pass out goodies, like shares of Uncommon Stock and T-shirts, and help owners set up their Uncommon Family profiles. The Saab faithful can tweet their support for the brand to video screens using the #UNCOMMON hashtag. At a specific time, owners will buckle up and drive en masse past uncommon sites in each city. On that one day, the uncommon will become a common sight.

Uncommon Sales Event

The Swedish Invasion Pop-Up Sale: While other dealerships try to attract people with big bows and catchy rhymes, we'll bring the dealership to the people. For one month, pop-up test-drive centers will appear in major markets. Posters and ads will show their locations. Customers can test-drive, apply for credit and even order cars for delivery at their local dealership.

Uncommon App

The free app allows drivers (and non-drivers) to see other Saab drivers' favorite places, drives and routes. All it takes is a tap on the NFC-enabled hood ornament. You can even schedule a test-drive from your current location.

Uncommon Showroom

Empty storefronts in major cities would be used to create an interactive experience outlining the features of the Saab.

Print Campaign

Uncommon Rebirth

To celebrate the arrival of the next-generation 9-3, we would create a special edition named for the spiritual father of the 9-3, Bjorn Envall: the 9-3 Rebjorn Edition. It would come in one of four reissued Saab colors and feature an exclusive emblem, among other upgrades. Dealerships could also feature restored classic Saab vehicles that could be given away, or sold, as part of the celebration.

Saab enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the next-generation 9-3. Project 9-3 is a portal site that gives them a passenger-side seat to the development and unveiling of the car. To enter, all they need is a Saab VIN. Once registered, they have access to exclusive images, footage, interviews and breaking news. And on launch day, registered owners can gather online and help start the production line live via webcam. Access could even be tied to preorders of the new 9-3.

Uncommon Look

The basis for the look and feel of the campaign came from various sources. Starting with elements within the vehicles themselves – the shape of the lights, the side mirrors and elements of the body panels. And inspired also by simple geometric elements found in the work of several prominent Scandinavian designers and illustrators. The overall intent being to capture the simple, bold and yet playful spirit that seems to embody the design approach of both Saab and Scandinavian designers as a whole.

"The Wing"

The shape of the elements that contain the logo and tagline is intended to evoke the feeling of a wing, hinting subtly at the company's aviation heritage. There is also the sense of a leaf within the shape, gesturing toward the environmental responsiblity of the organization. The intent here is not to be overt with these references but to gently allude.

The Colors

These colors, although very contemporary and modern, hark back to those used in the 9-6 and other classic Saabs. This palette creates a strong bridge from Saab's heritage to the present. The use of a palette like this creates an eminently ownable and very distinctive look for the brand. The use of the clean"butter" color also creates a feeling of the clean, fresh natural wood textures prevalent in so much Scandinavian furniture. It is almost iconic of the region.

The Typefaces

We chose Univers as the font for this work to complement the clean designs of the vehicles. It is a simple, unpretentious face, and as such seems to fit nicely with the ethos of Saab. 

Creatives: J.D. Humphreys, Stevie Maple, Jenny Nicholson, David Sloan, Will Chambliss, Greg Dixon, Owen Tingle, Adam Carroll, Nick Jones
Creative Directors: Glen Fellman, Philip Marchington

ECD: Jonathan Cude

Account Planning: Sara Cobaugh

Connection Planning: Chris Walsh, Brian LoPiccolo

Account Management: John Newall, Helen Hsu

Strategy: Jim Russell, Andrew Delbridge, Walt Barron

Business Development: Jamie Weber, Stephanie Sumner

Interactive Production: Megan Wade

Studio: Bliss Alexander-Smith, Wade Lewis, Forrest Maready, Scott Gaston, Kevin Grealey

Creative Resourcing: Stacy Seefeldt

Agency: McKinney, Durham

Client: Saab






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