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Building SCOUT Bags into a national lifestyle brand.

Dachshunds are truly fascinating dogs. Despite their small size, they have a big personality and a bold attitude that belies their stature. They are confident, determined, and unafraid to take on challenges that would intimidate dogs many times their size. Dachshunds truly believe that they are bigger than they are, and they act accordingly. They approach every situation with courage and confidence, never backing down from a challenge or shrinking away from danger. They truly reflect the mindset of the SCOUT Bags brand. As SCOUT expands its reach, it becomes more than just a fashion accessory – it becomes a symbol of a bold, adventurous lifestyle, and a rallying cry for women and their families who refuse to settle for the ordinary.

Creating the SCOUT Mission Statement

As Creative Content Director at SCOUT Bags, one of my first projects was to define the Mission Statement for SCOUT Bags, collaborate with stakeholders on rollout to the company, and help position the founder, Deb Waterman Johns as part of the brand vision and story.

mission_statement copy.jpg

Connecting SCOUT with To Kill a Mockingbird  

SCOUT Bags derives its name from the character Jean Louise Finch, known as Scout, a six-year-old girl in the iconic book and film To Kill a Mockingbird. In a serendipitous encounter with Mary Badham, the actress who portrayed Scout in the 1962 film, she revealed to me that she was a dedicated fan of SCOUT, carrying one with her wherever she went. To her delight, Badham learned that the brand was named after her character, resulting in a touching moment where she signed a photo for me to take back to the SCOUT co-founders Deb and Ben Johns. 

Brand & Partner Brand Style Guidelines

My objective was to establish consistency and maintain the integrity of the SCOUT Bags brand by creating a comprehensive brand style guideline manual from an existing one-page style sheet. The ultimate goal was to ensure that the guidelines were readily available to both the internal team and external partners responsible for communicating all aspects of the SCOUT brand. By doing so, we could enhance the effectiveness of our brand communication and elevate our brand identity. Given the seasonal changes of colors and patterns, the brand style guidelines had to be unambiguous and easily navigable. Thorough guidelines not only helped establish a cohesive visual identity but guided print products for wholesale distribution, increasing sales by 20%.

brand_guidelines_jdhumphreys copy.jpg

Boosting SCOUT through a website relaunch

Together with my team, we successfully revamped the SCOUT Bags retail website with a fresh approach. Our focus was to reduce the prominence of promotions and instead, utilize lifestyle photography to showcase the diverse range of products. We redesigned the user experience to enable consumers to not only locate what they need but also discover new and exciting products. This improved user experience was also adapted to mobile platforms, ensuring seamless navigation across all devices. As the SCOUT product offering expanded, we transitioned to Shopify, maximizing ecommerce capabilities and enhancing the overall shopping experience, especially on mobile.


Email marketing

SCOUT Bags uses email marketing to introduce new products and seasonal releases, highlighting their advantages while providing attractive sales and offers. By utilizing strategies to enhance open rates, conversion, and click-through rates, we transformed the design and user experience approach from a static, hard sales pitch to a more engaging and delightful experience. Increased email growth by 80% and email content delivered 27% of revenue in 2022. 


SCOUT Flagship Store

Deb Waterman Johns had a dream of launching the first brick-and-mortar flagship store in Georgetown, where the SCOUT offices are located. Upon the availability of the showroom and photography studio, the team immediately began working on converting the space into a retail store with the aim of offering unique products and experiences that would encourage customers to keep coming back. At the outset, I collaborated with the store manager, VP of Marketing, and Deb to visualize the space and sketched every aspect of the store. We incorporated product and brand photography displays in situ, making sure that the customer's journey included pockets of surprise and delight. To demonstrate the water resistibility of all SCOUT Bags, water pistols were neatly arranged and kept filled at all times.


SCOUT Destination Store Illustrations

These select retailers offer a full selection of SCOUT products including exclusive SCOUT items you can only get there, expert staff who know our products inside and out, and at various times: special SCOUT offers, gifts with purchase, and in-store events. 

As friends and ambassadors of the brand, we wanted to give them something special at the next SCOUT Destination Store Brand Summit – custom illustrations of their storefronts with SCOUT product proudly on display. 


SCOUT State Patches

SCOUT Bags embarked on an exhilarating adventure to unveil our brand's evolution across a multitude of states, each harboring a mesmerizing tapestry of breathtaking landmarks. But we didn't want to merely pay homage to these iconic sites; we aimed to infuse our journey with a touch of whimsical charm. Thus, we enlisted the mischievous spirit of the SCOUT dachshund to play a central role in crafting enchanting patch scenes that would forever encapsulate our extraordinary odyssey. And SCOUT consumers could join in the adventure! 


SCOUT STATEment Collection

Taking the voyage to greater heights and bringing joy to customers through their cherished destinations, we proudly introduced the SCOUT STATEment Collection. With a focus on creating a lasting impression, the label design was carefully crafted to exude boldness and captivate amidst the stunning patterns, illustrated by our talented pattern designers. The hang tag serves as both a source of product information and an enticing invitation.

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