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Turning corporate drywall into idyllic destinations.

Travelocity, an online travel agency with offices in Dallas, Texas, wanted to enliven their meeting rooms. Taking our inspiration from vintage travel posters, we illustrated panoramic murals of various world destinations. 

Meeting Room Names

We used airport codes that spelled words for the meeting rooms. The barcodes could be scanned to reserve the rooms instantly or pull up a schedule. Turns out, there are actual airport codes that spell out PEE and POO which would be used for the restrooms (no, you couldn't reserve a restroom for your meeting). 


Mural Illustrations

McKinney did not have in-house illustrators and we were given a very limited budget. So we were tasked to illustrate the murals ourselves. Luckily, our team had talented interns who assisted in the research and illustration. We took our inspiration from vintage travel poster that have solid shapes and a limited color palette. We set out to feature the Roaming Gnome in an interesting way – sometimes hiding him in the scenery.  

Bora Bora, French Polynesia (BOB)

Moscow, Russia (MOW)

Cork, Ireland (ORK)

Los Angeles, United States (LAX)

Budapest, Hungary (BUD)

Naples, Italy (NAP)

Madrid, Spain (MAD)

Group Creative Director: Philip Marchington

Creative Director: J.D. Humphreys

Illustrator: Philip Marchington, J.D. Humphreys, Katie Sedmak, Katie Lee

ECD: Jonathan Cude

Production: Suzanne Moore

Agency: McKinney, Durham

Client: Travelocity

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