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Sparking curiosity in young minds through the WUSA9 Weather Classroom.

As Creative Director, one of my tasks was helping to establish WUSA9's weather school visits as an ongoing program. WUSA9's team of meteorologists, known as the "Weather Watch" team, are incredibly passionate about what they do and love to share their passion with students of any grade level. Kaitlyn McGrath of the Weather Watch Team was inspired to become a meteorologist when beloved Pittsburgh weatherman Dennis Bowman visited her third grade class. I had all the ingredients to put together the program: passionate meteorologists, interested schools, great swag to give away, and the energy and excitement of ECO9 – our hybrid news vehicle. In just one month of promoting the WUSA9 Weather Classroom visits, over 100 schools in the area reached out to request a visit by our Weather Watch team.    


WUSA9 Weather Classroom Booklet


The students grade WUSA9 Weather Classroom

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