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Visual Brand Identity

By understanding the power of visual storytelling, I’ve been able to help brands stand out in crowded markets and forge meaningful relationships with their target audience. I’ve had the privilege of not only propelling brands to new heights but also crafting visual identities that resonate with audiences. Beyond a logo, visual brand identity conveys its personality, values, and unique offerings to the world. Here’s a fun compilation and range of visual brand identity projects.  



Nestled within the prestigious W Hotel in Washington, DC, Cherry offered a culinary experience that blended fire oven cuisine with nod to Americana, inspired by the iconic tale of George Washington and the cherry tree. The project encompassed comprehensive concepts for placemaking, visual brand identity, and ambiance. From meticulously designed logos to menu layouts that showcased the restaurant's signature dishes and cherrywood-smoked cocktails, every aspect was curated to immerse tourists and local guests in a uniquely American dining experience. The tableware and decor echoed the restaurant's theme, creating a cohesive atmosphere. Cherry was more than just a restaurant; it was a celebration of tradition, innovation, and the culinary arts.

National Flood Insurance Program 50th Event 

The National Flood Insurance Program marked 50 years of resilience and the Association of State Floodplain Managers conference was the place to celebrate. Resilience Action Partners, a joint venture between Ogilvy and Michael Baker International that provides support for the program, wanted to create a memorable experience and a unified visual identity. The project encompassed the creation of an event logo, a dynamic pattern design, and swag for attendees.

Power to PA (Exelon)

What does it take to sustain a community's beauty and vitality? While many may not realize it, activities like driving electric cars, recycling, and supporting local food producers still demand significant energy. Thanks to nuclear energy, Pennsylvanians have achieved self-reliance, overcome challenges, and fostered unity, all while contributing to environmental sustainability. To continue this momentum, preserve local jobs, stabilize electricity costs, and support thriving economies, it's essential to maintain green energy initiatives. This campaign necessitated a visual identity reflecting Pennsylvania's diverse landscape, its commitment to environmental stewardship statewide, and how Exelon is leading the way with clean nuclear energy.  

The Ben — Marriott Autograph Collection 

The Ben, draws inspiration from the legacy of one of the city's prominent figures, Byrd Spilman Dewey, and translates it into a contemporary retreat for today's travelers. The Ben captures Dewey's vibrant spirit, her penchant for entertaining, literary escapes, eclectic interests, and commitment to environmental conservation. For those seeking an authentic West Palm Beach experience, The Ben offers a unique blend of charm and sophistication. With its thoughtful blend of historic charm and modern conveniences, stunning coastal vistas, and prime location in the city center, The Ben epitomizes a classic hotel experience tailored for the modern era. The visual brand identity reflects the essence of a classic hotel reinvented for a new age.  This project was in collaboration with EoA Group. 

Boxi Park

Boxi Park is the ultimate destination for a day or night out in Orlando. Nestled within this innovative container park, is an eclectic mix of gourmet quick-service dining and craft drinks that promise to tantalize your taste buds. But here's the twist: each vendor boasts its own distinct identity, carefully curated by our team to reflect their unique flavors and atmosphere. From quirky names to eye-catching visuals, Boxi Park is not just a dining experience – it's a journey of culinary discovery and visual delight!



Along its journey to a lifestyle brand, SCOUT Bags became a full-on family affair. From handling the chaos of parenthood with product features to achieve "bottle-to-mouth lightning speed mode" and "emergency diaper change in under 60 seconds," SCOUT has parents' backs in the wild world of raising tiny humans. The sketch look of the SCOUT Baby logos was inspired by SCOUT's existing logo. 

Main SCOUT Logo

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