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Seeing pop culture through illustration.

From scientific illustrations for government agencies to posing velociraptors, divas, groovy witches, ideas for illustrations have always kept me sleepless. 

Chewie as Joonas.
Joonas as Chewie.

As a dormant fan of Star Wars, I've always had a thing for Chewbacca — he was a like large puppy dog, always loyal. Instead of trying to further perfect the Chewbacca wookiee sound, I decided to recreate the seven foot Finnish guy in the wookie onesie. When I met Joonas Suotamo in person, I knew immediately I had to draw him. 


Vaudeville Badass from Albuquerque

Ethel Mertz was always my favorite character in I Love Lucy. One of my favorite episodes was when the crew traveled back to Albuquerque where she was a hometown star. Vivian Vance was actually born in Kansas. Here's to you, Viv!


Rick Roll

Who doesn't love Rick Astley in their life? This falls in the just-for-fun category (well, they all do). 


Goonies R Good Enough

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! That scene in the music video when Cyndi Lauper hits a high note as Chunk, Data, and Mikey tie Bran up and make their escape to go hunt for One-Eyed Willy's treasure. 


Witch's Honor

My immortal love for Endora from Bewitched in illustration form. The title treatment was inspired from the more recent movie "The VVitch." As Darren's — or Derwood's — nemesis, Endora was the best dressed witch with her style evolving as the series went into the 1970s. 



Blue always had a way with Owen. This loyal, yet persnickety, velociraptor starred in the Jurassic Park movies and won my heart. I challenged myself to create this illustration — start to finish — in a day. 


& Birdsong

As a huge Supremes fan, I've always been fascinated about Florence Ballard's dismissal from the group and newcomer Cindy Birdsong in 1967. This timeline shows each gal's longevity as a Supreme. This illustration will also appear in my upcoming book, "Divided, We Danced: How Soul Artists of the 1960s Broke Racial Barriers." 


Diana Ross
Flower Power

I told you I was a huge Supremes fan. One afternoon trying out some new digital gouache brushes, I decided the poster I was creating was too groovy to stop. So this is what I came up with. 

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