From scientific illustrations for government agencies to posing velociraptors, divas, groovy witches, ideas for illustrations have always kept me sleepless. 

Chewie as Joonas.
Joonas as Chewie.

As a dormant fan of Star Wars, I've always had a thing for Chewbacca — he was a like large puppy dog, always loyal. Instead of trying to further perfect the Chewbacca wookiee sound, I decided to recreate the seven foot Finnish guy in the wookie onesie. When I met Joonas Suotamo in person, I knew immediately I had to draw him. 

Vaudeville Badass from Albuquerque

Ethel Mertz was always my favorite character in I Love Lucy. One of my favorite episodes was when the crew traveled back to Albuquerque where she was a hometown star. Vivian Vance was actually born in Kansas. Here's to you, Viv!

Rick Roll

Who doesn't love Rick Astley in their life? This falls in the just-for-fun category (well, they all do). 

Goonies R Good Enough

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! That scene in the music video when Cyndi Lauper hits a high note as Chunk, Data, and Mikey tie Bran up and make their escape to go hunt for One-Eyed Willy's treasure. 

Witch's Honor

My immortal love for Endora from Bewitched in illustration form. The title treatment was inspired from the more recent movie "The VVitch." As Darren's — or Derwood's — nemesis, Endora was the best dressed witch with her style evolving as the series went into the 1970s. 


Blue always had a way with Owen. This loyal, yet persnickety, velociraptor starred in the Jurassic Park movies and won my heart. I challenged myself to create this illustration — start to finish — in a day. 

& Birdsong

As a huge Supremes fan, I've always been fascinated about Florence Ballard's dismissal from the group and newcomer Cindy Birdsong in 1967. This timeline shows each gal's longevity as a Supreme. This illustration will also appear in my upcoming book, "Divided, We Danced: How Soul Artists of the 1960s Broke Racial Barriers." 

Diana Ross
Flower Power

I told you I was a huge Supremes fan. One afternoon trying out some new digital gouache brushes, I decided the poster I was creating was too groovy to stop. So this is what I came up with.